What is the number of sessions in Google Analytics

However, digital marketing, including SEO , is a “battle against numbers.” We must face the indicators, formulate a hypothesis, and move forward by repeatedly verifying and improving. Among them, “number of sessions” is one of the most basic indicators for measuring the results of your company’s site. Understand the number of sessions correctly and monitor the daily performance of your site. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the “number of sessions” in Google Analytics. The following article provides a detailed explanation of the basic usage of Google Analytics. If you are not yet familiar with using Google Analytics, please give it a try. What is Google Analytics? Complete explanation of installation, setting method, and usage What is Google Analytics? Complete explanation of installation, setting method, and usage Google Analytics is a free and highly functional access analysis tool provided by Google. It is a tool that you should definitely implement when running a site and taking SEO measures.

However although it is free it has many functions and

Complicated… What is the number of sessions in Google Analytics? A session is a series of actions taken by a user who visits a website. A session in Google Analytics refers to a series of user actions from the time a user visits a website until they leave Mobile Phone Number List  within a specific period of time. Below is an example of a sequence of actions. “Visited a specific website” → “Scrolled and read page A” → “Transferred to another page B within the same site” → “Leaved the site” This will be one session. It is sufficient to understand the actions from the time a visitor visits a website until they leave the website as a “session.” However, this does not mean that your session will continue forever unless you leave the site. Let’s imagine how you surf the.

Internet with multiple tabs open on your PC or smartphone

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I think there are many cases where you browse. A website by opening several tabs on your browser and end up not using a particular site for a long time. In this case, the user’s activity on a website that has not been used for a long period of time has ended mid-way, and the session is considered to have expired (ended) at that point. The duration of a session varies depending on the tool used to measure session. but the default session duration for Google Analytics is 30 minutes. In other words, if you visit page A of Aparticular .Website and leave it inactive for 30 minutes. Your session ends at that point. If you come back and interact with it again. new session Afghanistan phone number database is considered to have started, and the session will be counted twice. By the way, you can set the session duration. In Google Analytics to any length from 1 minute to 4 hours.


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